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    Acai is a high palm tree growing in the floodplains of Brazil. Its shiny black berries grow in clusters and represent an important part of some tribes' diet. Acai powder is produced by freeze-drying (lyophilisation), a sophisticated drying method which preserves nutritional composition and natural flavor of food. It has a pleasant neutral taste and is rich in fibre.

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    PlanetBIO hand shaker for efficient mixing.

    Hand shaker holds liquid so it is safe on the go and ready to use whenever desired.

    With measuring scale and BPA free.


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    Highly functional blend Perfectly beautiful is made for women who want to feel great in their skin and radiate their beauty on the outside as well. Thoughtfully created mixture of aloe vera, buckthorn, MSM, acai, goji and bilberry works in synergy and nurtures the whole body. We have added banana powder for a pleasant fresh taste that goes well with water, juices, smoothies or any plant-based milk.

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